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September 06, 2018

Furniture and Augmented Reality

Award-winning furniture manufacturer SIXINCH North America partners with leading AR company Simply Augmented

GOSHEN –  Furniture designer and manufacturer, SIXINCH North America, and Simply Augmented, an augmented reality mobile platform, today announced a partnership to speed up the sales process by instantly delivering product samples to customers’ mobile devices.

The smartphone app allows consumers to transport the SIXINCH products and stories directly into their physical world, making the buying experience infinitely more convenient.

“Users can scroll through our catalog of furniture, point their smartphone camera at the space they want to furnish, and see how each product would look in the environment,” says Josh Taylor, SIXINCH North America’s Director of Marketing. “AR is being acclaimed as the next big thing to disrupt numerous industries, and the ‘A and D’ world is no different.”

According to a new report by Zion Research, global demand for augmented reality market was valued at around $3.33 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach approximately $133.78 billion in 2021.

“We’re excited to partner with a brand like SIXINCH. Their innovation and creativity in the contract furniture industry is the perfect complement to our mission to make it easier for businesses to collaborate and share designs,” says Boaz Ashkenazy, Founder and CEO of Simply Augmented.

The Simply Augmented app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by searching “Simply Augmented.” Once downloaded, users will create an account and enter code “8675309” to access the free SIXINCH offering.

About SIXINCH North America

Founded in Belgium in 2003 by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels, SIXINCH was born from a passion for innovative materials and progressive design. In 2013, Peter and Michel partnered with U.S.-based Wieland Designs, a well-respected company in the furniture industry, and expanded the footprint for one of the most talked about furniture brands in the world. The name SIXINCH comes from the space between our ears, a mere 150 mm wide, or six inches. Learn more at sixinchrocks.com.

About Simply Augmented

Simply Augmented is a mobile first augmented reality platform that improves the effectiveness of enterprise sales reps, specifically in industries where physical products are expensive and time-consuming to demo for a client. Simply Augmented improves customer engagement and accelerates the sales cycle by using AR to enable prospects to visualize products in their own environment in real-time, tracking engagement via the cloud. Learn more at www.simplyaugmented.com.



SIXINCH Logo, Simply Augmented Logo, Images of App

SIXINCH Roblock shown in office space

Simply Augmented interface showcasing SIXINCH products


Press Kit: sixinchrocks.com/press

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