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October 23, 2018

Denver Design Week – Recap

by Josh T.

I had the pleasure of being invited to Denver Design Week to speak on the panel, “More Than a Logo: How to Establish a Unique Brand in a Cookie Cutter World.” I was joined by three other industry leaders and we spoke of our experiences to a packed house. 

The main focus was stepping outside of a logo and looking deeper into what a brand should focus on in order to be successful. I shared my stories and talked about building the proper team. I stressed that if your brand’s priorities are properly set, people’s experience with the brand and your logo will be remembered as a good experience. Initially, a logo is just that, a logo. Once someone interacts with your brand, the logo becomes a placeholder for an emotional reaction. I stress that customer service should be the core of any business and if you don’t have the right people in those positions, you can forget all of the external marketing you are doing. Think about the fact that you are spending your marketing dollars to get people to notice your brand only to have their interactions be dreadful. You tell people how great you are and, when they reach out, you are the complete opposite. 

It all boils down to the fact that creatives get lost in the aesthetics and the company gets lost in the numbers. When they meet, you end up with a great looking brand guide and a solid sales and pricing infrastructure. Everything is thought through to the smallest detail except for your customer service leader.

This position can make or break a company, period. 

That was the focus of my conversation with the group. I truly believe that the right team, especially customer service, will determine how successful your brand will be in the end.

Side note: If you ever get the chance to check out Denver, more specifically the Rhino district, please do. The people are amazing, the beer is flowing and the street art is breathtaking. Take my advice, you will thank me.


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