What is coating?

FlexPlus® coating provides designers an option outside of traditional upholstery. SIXINCH® sprays directly on raw foam and offers bright colors and fun shapes. Let your creativity shine!

Types of surfaces


  • SoftFlex®

    SoftFlex: Pioneered in Belgium. Indoor/decorative use only.

  • FlexPlus®

    Advanced 3 layer coating system featuring an elastic Polyurethane. The finished result has a unique soft touch feeling.

How does it work?

  • Design input

    Furniture pieces are designed by our team of award winning designers.

  • Foam cutting

    Foam is cut to desired shape.

  • Coating

    Multi-layered process for the application of our Flex Plus® coating.

Color Options


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How do I clean FlexPlus®?

Simple – by utilizing our FlexPlus stain remover! Formulated specifically for our coating, the cleaner aids the reduction or removal of stains caused by common stain agents like coffee, wine, champagne. Hairspray has been found to work well when trying to remove pen marks. You might also try a 1:10 bleach/water solution. Do not allow these products to stay on the surface for long. Spray on, wipe off and rinse the residue off with clean water. Voilà, like new!