Tauko Bar Stool MAC STOPA

Tauko Bar Stool

Tauko by SIXINCH®
Tauko is characterized by soft, aesthetically pleasing organic shapes and high-quality wooden elements. The chairs have a unique seat that consists of two halves fastened together at the bottom. As a result, they offer an interesting visual effect and along with a well-contoured line of the chair bucket. The wide palette of finishes and the color concept that harmonizes perfectly with the new trends make the Tauko chairs and tables ideal solutions not only for offices but also for hotels and cafes. Designed by Mac Stopa.

Tauko Bar Stool


  1. Indoor
  2. Education (K-12, Higher Ed)
  3. Healthcare • Public Care
  4. Hospitality
  5. Library
  6. Office • Corporate
  7. Public Space
  8. Residential
  9. Retail
  10. Sports Facility
  11. Third Space

Tauko Family

  • Tauko Guest
  • Tauko Bar
  • Tauko Counter
  • Tauko Table

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  • Black

Wood - Beech

  • Natural Beech

Powder Coat - Black

  • Powder Black