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November 21, 2018


Interactive art show brings furniture to life

CLEVELAND –  Furniture designer and manufacturer SIXINCH North America and Glen Infante of iLTHY held the first ever “FILTHY” event in Cleveland this past weekend.

FILTHY, a combination of “furniture” and iLTHY, was conceived with the thought of bringing creatives together to experience SIXINCH furniture and live art.

“Contract furniture needs a twist,” says Josh Taylor, Director of Marketing for SIXINCH. “We’re integrating music, art and culture into our brand’s lifestyle. We don’t want to be known for just creating cool furniture, rather, known for creating amazing experiences,” says Taylor.

To pull off the event, SIXINCH partnered with Devin Harris of CHPTR, a brand development firm, to connect the dots. “The goal started with putting SIXINCH and iLTHY together in a collaboratively beneficial way. What resulted was not only a showcase of their respective creative talents, but an enhanced awareness around two new amazing Cleveland spaces,” said Harris. “The Quarter has delivered on creating a true mix-used, amenity-driven residential property with The Grocery OHC firmly anchoring that vision and this was an opportunity for individuals from all different parts of the community to see that firsthand together,” says Harris.

At the end of the night, SIXINCH held a drawing for one lucky attendee to take home Glen’s artwork.“This is just the beginning! SIXINCH North America is going to rock the furniture world and we hope you join us in the fun!” says Taylor.


About Glen Infante / iLTHY®

Glen Infante is an Asian American artist, painter, illustrator, graphic designer, product photographer, design consultant and founder of iLTHY (clothing) who emerged from the Cleveland music scene as a designer. He was mostly known for his (vector) digital portrait style and it has become his signature art form since he started making cover art back in 2005. Glen has designed mostly for the local scene, but has also worked with nationally known recording artists such as Machine Gun Kelley, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, King Chip, Wale and Bone Thugs -N- Harmony. Glen’s services includes, CD cover designs, company logos, event flyers and concert posters.


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